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Making Handmade Jewelry - ERA rings

Handmade jewelry is an art, and personal attention is what makes each piece unique, intricate, and special. There is no replica of any single piece I create, no mass production. Each piece is a result of passion, skill, art, and time.

The Beautiful Stones

I always admired gemstones, never really dived deep into this world till recently. A world of beauty, nature, serenity, and energy. Inspired by their formation, colors, and refraction of light, I create pieces for the gemstones and not the other way round. We only use nature made, chosen with care, and sourced globally.

The Metals

We use precious metals – gold and silver as the base. At Era, we are very particular about using re-cycled metals. If we care, nature, too, will care. We make sure we only source materials from suppliers who maintain sustainability standards and believe in its value.

The Tools

No piece of art gets its exactness without the right tools. Each tool has a specific role and is essential in the process. Unlike machine-made workshops, handmade workshops are full of all kinds of tools from Pliers and Hammers to Rotary Machines and Engravers. One will run out of space inevitably!

The process

Interested to learn more about this amazing process? read on, I'll tell and show you in a later blog how I create my rings from scratch

The first part of the process is to get into the mood to create a masterpiece. Once the mind is aligned, the tools and techniques take over. The rhythm is set.

Precious metal (gold and silver) mainly comes in flat sheets and wires of different sizes and shapes.

Here’s how I do it:

  • Make a Bezel - Firstly, I make the bezel or the stone home. This helps to hold the stone in its place.

  • Base Plate - Then, I solder it to the base plate (soldering is the process of fusing 2 pieces of metal, I will talk about it in more detail in another blog soon, stay tuned!)

  • File away! - Third step is to file the plate down to the desired shape – this is what gives the jewelry its beauty, strength and shape.

  • Saw & Solder - The ring shank is made of wire, which is sawed into the desired length. I then solder it closed, and then again solder it to the plate. Once all elements of the ring are soldered in place it gets the shape and appearance of a ring.

  • Cleaning and Polishing is the next step where a ring is getting its final touches to embed the gemstone.

  • Lay the Stone, the penultimate step. Time to lay down the gemstone!! It’s like a royal ritual where the stone is like a queen getting ready to wear her crown. When the gemstone is set in the ring, it feels like a forever home that makes it shine through.

  • Final polishing to get this beautiful piece is what adds a character to the ring. It is now the handmade piece of jewelry that you want to feel, flaunt and own.

Unique ring pieces are ready to find their home. To discover our range of rings explore our shop

Stay tuned for the next blog where I'll let you in on the amazing world of gemstones, till then, continue to love and express yourself.

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