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Let Your Inner Beauty Shine!

Exclusive Jewelry Designs that Empowers a Woman from Within!

Every woman has a hidden inner beauty! When I sit down to create each piece, I immerse myself in feeling the warmth, calmness and energy of a woman. In line with the latest jewelry trends, I bring a breath of freshness in each design of my necklaces and ring collection.

Bold, beautiful and eye-catching are reflected in my jewelry designs, and the precious and semi precious stones I choose reflect love and happiness. The gems stones are sourced from the world over to make sure each piece of jewelry makes its owner feel special.

Bold Rings that make a Bold Statement

Each piece makes a bold statement. The semi-precious stones are hand-picked to leave a stunning impact.

"My ring from the Forest collection is my favorite, besides it’s stunning color, it reflects who I truly am. Everywhere I go it catches attention", says one of the young trendy customers Julia Drancakova

We have a large silver-based jewelry collection, with exclusive pieces. You will never have another person wearing the same ring. Making a statement makes a woman feel confident. I love to see that echo in my jewelry collections.

Eclectic Necklaces for an Electrifying Effect

A touch of radiance can bring a sparkle in her eyes. I carry this feeling and imagination when I am in my workshop to create the latest necklace range.

A single piece can exude your personality, style and create a lasting impact.

"There are days a simple thing like wearing a lovely necklace makes your day brighter. My “Earthy Ruby” necklace from Era Jewelry just does that", a compliment from Yasmine that gives me the inspiration to create more unique jewelry designs.

My necklace range has a variety for women of different tastes.

Being a full-time professional and mother of a beautiful 4 year old boy, my life is usually busy. Amidst this frenzy, I find solace and my creative juices flow in my jewelry studio. This is my zen space where the flow of energy is unique. It allows me to create bespoke handcrafted designer jewelry pieces that bring joy.

My creative journey goes on, keep a lookout for new semi-precious stone range that I introduced, new jewelry designs I create and latest jewelry trends you can follow.

Until next time, be safe, be happy, be yourself.

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