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You can Radiate Happiness & Attract Success!

Discover Citrine - the November Stone of the Month

Like Beautiful Autumn Hues

Her Beauty Sways Light Yellow to Bright Orange

An Ornament, Jewelry or Décor

She Radiates Happiness and Success

For me, each jewelry piece I create has a purpose. November is a month that needs brightness, energy and warmth, that is what I infuse with this wonder gemstone. Citrine, is the governing Stone of the Month, it is symbolic of the Sun, it’s energy and Citrus gives it the lemony zest we want in our lives.

Origin of Citrine

Citrine, the rarest of all the varieties of the Quartz family, has been used from ancient times for decorative purposes and ornaments. In the 17th century, it was used by the Scottish in handles of swords and daggers. During the Art Deco era, movie stars flaunted oversized, elaborate citrine jewelry. In recent times, Citrine was assigned as the birthstone of November.

The word citrine is believed to be derived from a Latin word – ‘Citrina’, meaning ‘Yellow’ and some think its origin lies in the French vocabulary ‘Citron’, meaning ‘Lemon’. Whatever be the belief, it said to be the sun stone, capable of holding the power of the sun light.

Planet stones:

In antiquity, and also in the middle ages, the formation of gemstones was seen as an efflux of the stars. To every planet, a gemstone is assigned magic qualities. In 1983, Uyldert assigned Citrine as the gemstone of Mercury.

Zodiac stones:

Similar to planet stones, there existed an ancient belief that the exists an interrelation between certain constellations. It continues even in current times. And thus, Citrine was assigned the Gemini Zodiac sign. Only in more recent times, gemstones of the months have been associated with the calendar and also propagated as birthstones. Citrine is the Gemstone of November.

Citrine is Rare Gemstone, but Yet Found Everywhere

This lovely yellow clear stone is not just a beautiful stone, it has spectacular qualities – clarity, durability and sturdiness. It measures 7 from 10 on Mohs' hardness scale making it strong and scratch proof.

Natural Citrine is rare. It is symbol of integrity, clarity and health. Natural Citrine is pale yellow and it’s colouring agent is iron. Deposits of Natural Citrine are found in Brazil, Madagascar, Argentina, Burma, Namibia, Russia, Scotland, and Spain. When mined naturally Citrine can be found in Geodes, mineral rich cavities, which over time get lined by gemstones.

Citrine gained popularity in the 19th century, it was the favourite stone of the Romans. Today, most commercial Citrine is heat-treated which gives them a reddish-tint.

The Egyptians were among the first to discover this beauty, and use them as Talismans. Greeks carved them and used them as ornaments. Roman Priests made rings. Celebrities like Greta Garbo and Jane Crawford used them on jewelry. Emma Watson, Kate Winslet, Naomie Harris and Tara Reid have worn it for Red Carpet Events. Its popularity goes beyond. In 2015, Angelina Jolie donated a large Citrine Necklace to the Smithsonian’s National Gem Collections.

Every Stone Carries Energy!

Gemstones are natural, they have hidden energy, if you believe it in. It is the beauty of the stone and the shapes it can be blended in that enhances its beauty. But I truly belive it carries energy within like every other natural thing on Mother Earth. Once you see that, like me, you too will see the beauty of every natural gemstone. Many also believe and use it for healing (even though it is not scientifically proven).

Citrine Magic in Era Jewelry!

I, too, am fascinated by this yellow beauty. When I design pieces using citrine it gives me a ideas that can enlighten my art and each piece becomes unique in itself. Celebrating the rich yellow, I have created the popular Citrine Dangling Necklace and the Sunrise Ring. If you are looking for custom design handmade jewelry for gifting to your loved ones, I am happy to turn your idea, imagination or intention into an alluring handcrafted necklace, ring or bracelet, that will make a statement. Do check out the shop for more in the jewelry collection.

Do share your thoughts on handmade jewelry,

my collection or your favourite jewelry experience. Happy to chat!

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